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[Case Study] How a CRM Takes Reservations for a Restaurant


CRM Lead Capture Restaurant Reservation SystemMike Blake recently opened the Lone Republic Steakhouse in Winnsboro Texas. The Lone Republic Steakhouse is fine dining and premium steaks in the heart of East Texas. The total seating in the main dining lounge of the Lone Republic Steakhouse is about 56 guests… not a lot of seats so it is critical that the restaurant keep the tables full. Lone Republic Steakhouse accepts reservations for dinner and it is often true that there is a wait on weekends.

The Lone Republic Steakhouse website was a Word Press theme designed for restaurants and incorporated a widget for “Book-a-Table”. It was very nice looking but the widget did not operate correctly and when it did operate it did not record the information in a database… in only mailed the reservation information to an email address. We looked a a number of Word Press plugins, both free and premium, and none were really suitable for the needs of the Lone Republic Steakhouse.


The Apricot Rocket CRM is fully customizable lead capture crm system and can be configured to collect all of the information about a dining reservation that you would want to collect. The CRM collects the information and can generate a Report each evening showing what reservations are booked into the system making it very easy to know who is coming and when.  The CRM also stores the information in a permanent record so that you have a history of who dined with your restaurant.


Now the Lone Republic Steakhouse can fully automate the process of taking a reservation. The client submits the reservation and that triggers emails to be sent to the General Manager and the Reservations Manager. The system sends out a Reservation Confirmation email when the Reservation is confirmed and the system can also be configured to send a text message alerting the client that they reservation is about to come up as scheduled.

Further, since the CRM has the reservation date, along with the client contact information, the restaurant can now take advantage of knowing the last time that a client visited and set up an automated process to invite the client back if they have not returned after a period of time such as 30 or 60 days, etc.

Example Form:

Here is the Reservation Form. If you complete this form you will be making a Reservation with the Restaurant so please don’t complete the form unless you really want a great meal!