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[Case Study] How Marketing Automation Process Teaches Spanish to Students

How Marketing Automation Process helps with Teaching Spanish to Students


Marketing Automation ProcessCarlos Roncal runs the World Language Schools and teaches a variety of foreign languages to students. His students are located primarily in the North Texas area but he also has students in Venezuela and Colombia. While he teaches many languages the primary language taught is Spanish.

Like most small business owners Carlos is constantly looking for a way to bring new customers to his business and is also looking for ways to automate the process of finding new prospects, converting them into clients, and providing services.


Apricot Rocket was able to use a marketing automation process to show Carlos how to use an email campaign to create 15 lessons that are sent when someone subscribes by filling out a custom form. The custom form collects essential information then, when the prospective client completes the form the first in a series of 15 FREE Spanish Lessons is emailed to the client. The first lesson is sent about 5 minutes after the form is completed and the next 14 lessons are sent by email one each day for the next 14 days.

Each Spanish Lesson Email contains a video and a brief explanation of the lesson. The client receives the lesson, watches the video, and learns Spanish.


Carlos can now focus his efforts on marketing rather than on service delivery. By automating a major portion of the marketing process Carlos now has the ability to extend his market reach well beyond his traditional geographical limits of North Texas and Colombia / Venezuela. He has a database of people he has met over the years and can now focus on creating and sending marketing messages that encourage his readers to visit his website and try his 15 Days of Free Spanish Lessons program.

Example Form:

Here is the Custom Form that is on the World Language Schools website. If you complete this form you will be enrolled in the FREE 15 Day Spanish Lesson Program. Enjoy: