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[CRM for Business] CRM SMS Text Marketing Tools

CRM SMS Text Marketing ToolsCRM SMS Text Marketing Tools are super efficient marketing essentials.

CRM SMS Text Marketing tools are super efficient marketing essentials. Every business that is serious about 21st century marketing needs SMS Text Messaging.

CRM SMS Text Marketing Tools

Traditional email marketing is very old school and only about 23% of people open emails that are sent by marketers. Only about 3% of the emails are actually opened.

CRM SMS Text Marketing tools are very much more modern. About 98% of text messages are opened and if there is a link included about 33% of people will click on the link to see where it leads.

This means that almost 5 times as many people see your message and about 10 times as many people click to see your content behind the message. That means that by using text message marketing you have a very real probability of increasing your sales significantly.

Factor into the mix that fact that about 55% of website traffic is due to people visiting while on their mobile phone and you have an even more compelling argument for using text message marketing.

Does your CRM make it easy to send out text messages to your contacts? If not… why not? Call Apricot Rocket at 817-569-0494 and lets talk.