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Four Reasons You DON’T NEED a CRM

Here are Four Reasons You DON’T NEED a CRM:

#1: You don’t want to grow your business.

  • A growing business would cut into your commitment to binge watch all 635 episodes of Gunsmoke.

#2: You have too many customers.

  • Getting away from pesky customers is the main reason that you look forward to nights and weekends.

#3: You never plan to sell your business.

  • You don’t need extra retirement money. Social Security will provide for ALL your needs.

#4: Your business is growing fast enough from referrals.

  • Your clients will never move so you don’t need any new ones.

If one or more of the above describes your business stop now and head back to the television.

Apricot Rocket is the most cost effective software available to grow your business. Building a database of customers and prospects is easy and it is the single most important thing you can do to accelerate your businesses growth.

Which of these tools will provide the most benefit to you?

  1. LEADS – Finding new prospects to talk to about your business.
  2. CRM – Organizing your data to improve communications.
  3. Marketing Automation – Creating processes that convert prospects into customers.
  4. Shopping Cart – Selling products and / or services online.

Need help getting started?

We specialize in getting you up and running quickly. We can import data from MS Outlook, Gmail Contacts, LinkedIn, and other sources. We can help you create Newsletter Templates to make is easy and quick to get started sending out messages. We can help you build a Text Messaging strategy to optimize your responses.

Tell us your business growth goals. We can help.

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