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It is ALL about the Cash Flow!

Cash Flow… it is all about Cash Flow.

Do you have a business that someone will want to buy when you are ready to sell?

What does that look like in your industry?

Most entrepreneurs dream of growing a business to the point where someone will buy it and then they can retire and live the good life.

Three key attributes that are needed to get top value for your business:

  1. A clearly defined target audience
  2. A clearly defined marketing process
  3. A large database of customers

Buyers LOVE these things…

The problems that you solve should be clear. The people who have those problems should be well defined. The media that they consume should be specific. The messages that they respond to should be proven. There audience of prospects should be large.

You should have processes that are replicable and documented. Ideally, those processes should also be scalable such that the buyer believes that when they bring fresh energy and capital into the business they will be able to grow it significantly beyond where you are currently.

A large database of customers is a rich pool where buyers can fish for additional sales. Your former customers are the best source of both new sales and referrals. Communicating with your former customers should be an easy thing to do and your data should be well organized.

Do you have those things in place?

Apricot Rocket can help by providing the following tools:

  1. CRM – a database to organize your client and prospect information
  2. Marketing Automation – to automate your marketing communication processes
  3. Shopping Cart – to make selling products and services online easy
  4. Lead Generation – to help fill your pipeline with prospective customers and clients
  5. Full Integration – all in one integrated system for maximum simplicity and security

Apricot Rocket can also help you develop a strategy for implementing these tools so that they are effective in growing your business to the point where it is attractive to the next owner, whoever that may be.

Cash Flow… it is all about Cash Flow.

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