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Email Marketing

Apricot Rocket has one of the most advanced and simple email marketing tools available anywhere. With Apricot Rocket Email Marketing you can do the following:

    1. Drag-n-Drop Builder: create newsletter templates using a drag-n-drop interface that is simple to learn yet powerful. The drag-n-drop editor includes the following widgets that can be inserted into an email:
      • Text – includes a full text editor which allows for both simplicity and detailed control
      • Text Box – a text field as per above but also includes background color controls, border color and thickness controls, and the ability to round corners.
      • Divider – allows inserting a variety of styles of dividers including transparent images with background colors.
      • Image – upload your choice of .GIF, .JPG, .JPEG, .TIF, or .PNG images. Set the height, width, padding, margins, and background colors.
      • Share – include as many share icons as you wish and links to your customer social pages.
      • Follow – include as many follow icons as you wish to make it easy for others to follow your social accounts.
      • Button – insert buttons with custom URL links, custom background colors, custom border colors, and rounded corners.
      • Footer – a default footer is included and you can edit it.
      • Video – insert videos from YouTube by simply pasting the page link. You can control the height and width of the video and the background color and the padding and margins.
      • Template Background Design: you can set the width of the background of the email, change the background colors, insert a background image, and control the padding and margins of the background.
      • Template Content Foreground Design: you can set the foreground (content area) background color and transparency levels, width and padding and margins.
      • HTML Page & Preview: each newsletter template comes with its own permanent HTML page that you can reference with a URL. You can also preview the page.
      • Send Test Emails: you can send test emails to both the default account email or to other emails so that you can view them in a variety of browsers and email readers to make sure the emails look the way you want them to look before you send them out.
    2. Stats Tracking: we track the following statistics and display them in real time…
      1. Batch Amount: how many and which emails were included in the outgoing batch
      2. Processed: how many and which emails have been processed for delivery
      3. Delivered: how many and which emails were delivered
      4. Deferred: how many and which emails have been deferred for future delivery and why
      5. Drops: how many and which emails were dropped and why
      6. Opens: how many emails were opened and who opened your email and how many times they opened it
      7. Clicks: how many emails were clicked by a recipient and who clicked on the links in your email and which links they clicked on
      8. Bounces: how many and which recipients failed to receive your email and why
      9. Unsubscribes: how many and which recipients unsubscribed to your email list
      10. Spam Reports: how many and which recipients reported your email as Spam
    3. Campaigns: easily create campaigns by sequencing an unlimited number of email newsletters together for timed delivery based on a trigger event.
    4. Scheduled Campaigns: shows a list of campaigns that are scheduled for future delivery, or which are currently being processed for delivery.
    5. Click Triggers: you can set Click Triggers such that when a recipient clicks on a link in your email you can initiate one of the following actions:
      • Send an Email to the Account Owner – get notified by email when someone clicks on a link
      • Send an SMS Text to the Account Owner – get notified by sms message when someone clicks on a link
      • Set Classification – set or change the Classification of the Recipient in your database – ex: change from Cold to Warm in your Prospect Stage classification.
      • Start sending an Email Campaign to Recipient
      • Start sending an SMS Text Campaign to the Recipient

Apricot Rocket provides the most detailed email statistics of any email delivery service. We also create the most beautiful emails and deliver them to all email readers.

Introductory Email Editor Tutorial

The above video walks you through the essential editing functions for creating attractive and effective email templates. More advanced topics are covered with other video tutorials.