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 Increase Website Visitor Interaction

A LogicGate allow you to interact with your website visitors by asking questions. The system response is based on the answer your visitor provides.

Use Case Example: You run a charitable organization that flies kids in airplanes to expose them to new experiences. You ask your visitors… are you a:

  1. Pilot,
  2. Volunteer,
  3. Donor, or
  4. Kid or family of Kids.

When a visitor Registers you collect the basic information… name, phone, and email… Depending on the answer given you take them to a different page or form… Pilots provide different information than Volunteers, etc. The “LogicGate” allows you to compose questions then tells the system what to do for each answer… display a unique custom form… ask another question… take them to a special web page… etc.

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The more you know about your visitors and community members the better you are able to serve them with the right services, products, and information.

Additionally, LogicGates can be set up to trigger one of several actions using an Event Triggers.

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While it is common for people to Subscribe to a Newsletter the more information you ask someone to tell you about themselves the less likely they are to even start the process.

We make it easy for you to collect information by allowing the first step to be as simple as… Please Provide Your Email.  We capture their email in your Database and then we ask them more questions.

We find that once people start answering questions there is a sort of psychological momentum that is created and you can ask more information during the process… bit by bit, but if you show them that you want to ask a lot of questions up front they will simply never start the process.

When you click the Submit button the Custom Form allows you to send people to one of three places:

  1. Another Custom Form
  2. A Logic Gate
  3. A URL
  4. Event Trigger*


Each Logic Gate allows you to create an unlimited # of Selection Choices and each Selection Choice can go to:

  1. A Custom Form
  2. Another Logic Gate
  3. A URL
  4. Event Trigger*

The form to the left will start you on a journey which could be unlimited… but in this case will end after a few steps.

If you wish, the Custom Form can be coded to add information about their selection choice directly into the Database. This allows you to further classify your visitors based on how they respond to Logic Gate questions.

Pretty Cool… Huh?

Ohh… did we mention that you can customize the look and feel of your Custom Forms and Logic Gates so that they match the website or webpage where you want to place them? You can:

  • Change the Size and Color of the Title
  • Change the Color of the Form Background
  • Change the Color of the Text
  • Add Images
  • Add Borders and Change the Border Color and Line Width
  • Change the Submit Button Background Color
  • Change the Submit Button Text Color
  • Change the Padding for the Form
  • Make the Border have rounded corners and control how rounded they are.

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This is an example of a LogicGate.

This example offers four different choices, but, you can offer as many choices as you wish.

LogicGates can be configured so that your choices are saved in the Database. This is accomplished by tying each LogicGate selection to a Classification Selection.

Each Selection takes the visitor to a different outcome.

  1. Select the Baseball answer and you are delivered to a Custom Form where more information is collected.
  2. Select the Sky Diving answer and you are delivered to a Sky Diving website.
  3. Select the Scuba Diving answer and you are delivered to a Scuba Diving website.
  4. Select the last answer and you are delivered to another LogicGate where you have more selection options.

Whichever answer you select the system creates a record in the CRM Database which indicates something unique about the visitor.

Imagine the power of this capability. You can make your site vastly more interactive and interesting to your visitors.

You can collect significantly more information about your visitors because they are enjoying the process more. Because they are enjoying the process more they are more likely to tell you things that they would not tell you if you simply presented them with a huge form.


You can even connect the Answer Selections on the LogicGate to Event Triggers. Event Triggers allow you to tie an action to the selection. Events include:

  1. Send an SMS Text Message or SMS Text Message Campaign
  2. Send an Email or an Email Campaign
  3. Update or Change a CRM Database Record

With the addition of Event Triggers you have a totally interactive capability.

LogicGates, joined with Custom Forms, collecting information that triggers unique events, means that you can build a totally automated marketing machine for your business.

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When you want to Create a LogicGate you need to navigate to the CRM Database tab then select the Create and Manage LogicGates option which will take you to this screen:

Main LogicGate Dashboard for Edit Create1000x495

To create a new LogicGate click on the Create New LogicGate Form tab. To Edit an existing LogicGate click on the Edit Icon for that LogicGate.

Manage LogicGates Dashboard Explained with arrows 1000x475When you Create a New LogicGate Form you start on a modified version of the Basic Data Tab:

Create LogicGate First Page in Process Blank 1000x624You must give the LogicGate a Name and provide the text for the Submit Button. Other information is optional and may be added later. Next you will click on the Questions & Answers Tab:

Create LogicGate QandA with closed Answers 1000x574You must create a Question. You can add as many Answers to the Question that you propose. Each Answer can have a different resulting operation when the visitor clicks the submit button. The operation options are:

  1. Send to a URL
  2. Send to a Custom Form
  3. Send to a LogicGate

You must enter either a URL, Custom Form Shortcode or a LogicGate Shortcode into the field which says Insert URL or Shortcode. Without one of those entries the LogicGate will not know what to do next when the visitor clicks the Submit button.

Create LogicGate QandA with open Answer 1000x574

You may also Add one or more Event Triggers to each Answer. Event Triggers allow you to increase the interactivity with the visitor.

Next you will want to click on the Space Styling Tab:


Create LogicGate Space Styling 1000x574

The primary use of the Space Styling settings is to add some padding between the form contents and the border if you have a border. If you do not have a border you do not need to adjust the Padding settings. A border radius of between 2 and 10 is recommended.

Next you should click on the Color Styling Tab:

Create LogicGate Color Styling Tab 1000x607The Color Styling Tab allows you to adjust the colors of the various form elements. The best way to learn the options is to play with the colors, save various adjustments, and see what the affect is on the preview form on the right side.

Next you should click on the Font Styling Tab:

Create LogicGate Font Styling Tab 1000x501Like with the Color Styling Tab, playing with the Font Styling adjustments and seeing their affect on the preview form is the best way to learn what adjustments make sense for your form.

Next you should click on the Settings Tab:

Create LogicGate Settings Tab 1000x501The purpose of the Settings Tab options is to configure the Form Frame to fit your form onto the website page where you are placing it. We recommend that you start with a Frame Height of approximately 400 and then adjust accordingly after you place the form on your website page. Also, a Frame Width of 400 is a good starting point then adjust according to preferences after placing the form on the destination website page.

In many cases your initial placement will result in both Vertical and Horizontal scroll bars. These can be removed by adjusting the Frame Height and Width.


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