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Terms and Conditions

Apricot Rocket, Inc. is a Texas Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Apricot”). Mailing address is PO Box 2067 Addison, TX 75001. You can reach our offices during normal business hours by calling 817-569-0494.

The following Terms and Conditions of Use apply to all Users of the Apricot Rocket System:

CRM System Usage Fees

  1. This Agreement is between Apricot Rocket, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Apricot”) and the Client as defined below.
  2. A Client is defined as any person who has created an account on the
    System regardless of whether or not they have paid a fee to Apricot
    Rocket, Inc.
  3. By using the Apricot Rocket CRM and Marketing Automation System (hereinafter referred to as the “System”) you hereby agree to these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as “T&C”).
  4. The System is designed to be used by Client for the purpose of storing customer records (hereinafter referred to as the “Records”) and facilitating communication with those customers by a variety of automated and semi-automated digital processes.
  5. Client may use System only for legal purposes and may not use System to promote any belief or activity that is restricted or regulated by any City or County or State government or by the Federal Government of the United States.
  6. Client is hereby warned not to store sensitive financial information on the System as Apricot hereby disavows any responsibility for loss of such information due to any security breach regardless of whether such security breach is due to Client related actions (or in-actions) or is due to any other cause.
  7. Client is hereby notified that Apricot shall take reasonable precautions to insure that the data stored on the System is secure, however, Client hereby expressly acknowledges that all electronic systems are vulnerable to breach and Client hereby agrees that any such breach is a risk that Client takes at Client’s own risk and that in the event of such a breach Client shall not hold Apricot liable for any losses or damages that Client suffers as a result of such breach event.
  8. Client acknowledges that Client shall have no recourse against Apricot Rocket, Inc. for any losses or damages that Client incurs due to any security breach that may occur.
  9. Client further acknowledges that Client shall not be entitled to any compensation for losses or damages that Client incurs due to lawsuits against Client for Client’s failure to protect sensitive financial or other information that was stored on the System.
  10. Client further acknowledges that Client hereby agrees to indemnify Apricot Rocket, Inc. against any and all losses that Apricot Rocket, Inc. shall incur due to lawsuits filed by clients of Client due to any security breaches or loss of information as a result of Client storing sensitive financial or other information on the System.
  11. Apricot shall comply with all requests made via court order to provide information to Local, State and/or Federal law enforcement authorities about Clients or Records that Client has on the System.
  12. Client shall be entitled to Free use of the System in accordance with the published guidelines so long as Client has 100 Records (the Free Record Limit) or less on the System.
  13. If Client adds Records or if Records otherwise increase above the Free Record Limit the Client shall make a payment in advance for the use of the System in accordance with the payment required to have access to more than the Free Record Limit number of Records.
  14. Apricot offers use of the System on a monthly basis. Fees paid by Clients for service are paid month-to-month in advance of use. Once fees are paid Client is not entitled to a refund if Client decided, after making payment, that Client no longer wishes to use the service. All sales are final.
  15. In the event that there is an error in the billing process Apricot shall immediately refund any amount paid that is charged due to an error in the billing process.
  16. Apricot does not store Client financial information on Apricot servers. All Client financial information, including credit card information, is stored on third party servers that are fully PCI compliant.
  17. The Apricot System is fully SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted and all information that is provided to Apricot is kept secure using 256 bit encryption technologies.
  18. The Apricot System requires 2 Factor Authentication each time Client logs into the System.
  19. All System related services are digital and are delivered immediately upon Upgrade by Client using the Apricot System payment process.
  20. Client acknowledges that the System is constantly under development as new features are added and existing features are improved. As a result of such development and improvements Client understands that bugs may arise and that certain system functionalities may be temporarily unavailable when requested by Client. Client shall not be due to any adjustments of fees paid as a result of such bugs or system functionalities being temporarily unavailable.

Hosting and Service Fees

  1. Some clients may have elected to have Apricot host their websites and provide marketing related consulting services. Such clients will pay Apricot a Service Fee either monthly or annually in advance. Clients may not purchase hosting alone but only when bundled with services.
  2. Hosting services are offered at a flat rate fee of $3/month whether paid month-by-month or annually in advance. Hosting services are included in the Service Fee of either $36/month or the prepaid annual fee of $396. The Service Fee includes both Hosting and Consulting services. Consulting services include nominal adjustments to the website from time to time as needed. Nominal adjustments are considered adjustment requests that take less than 15 minutes. A maximum of one (1) such adjustment request may be made during any 3 month time frame. Unused adjustment requests do not accumulate or roll-over for future use.
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