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The ApricotRocket Word Press Plugin

The Apricot Rocket Word Press Plugin is designed to be flawless in activation and intuitive in operation. Major system functions offered by the plugin include:

  1. CRM Database with Custom Forms and Custom Fields.
  2. Email Marketing with Newsletters and Auto-Responders.
  3. Marketing Automation with LogicGates and Custom Forms.
  4. Click Tracking with Instant Email or SMS Text click notifications.
  5. Lead Tracking and Quality Scoring with Email ClickTriggers

Everything about Apricot Rocket is Mobile enabled… it all works perfectly on your phone or tablet. Manage your business while on the go.

Download Plugin

Plugin Options in WP Menu-B 300x286


When you install the Apricot Rocket Plugin it will display somewhere below the “Settings” selection where most plugin options selections are displayed.

When you click on the ApricotRocket Dashboard option you will see the screen below…

The FIRST TIME you see the ApricotRocket Plugin Dashboard the system will invite you to Sign In. Of course, if you have not yet created an Account with Apricot Rocket you will not be able to sign in. If you need to create an Account notice the “Register” link at the right end of the Blue Navigation bar.

Sign In Screen B 1100x286

After you click on that link and you will see the next screen below…

When you Create an Account you must provide the information shown below. Once you have completed the Create Account screen you will be taken to the Sign In screen where you can sign in to your Account.

Register Screen B 1100x488

Upon signing in you will see the screen below…


CRM Dashboard-B 1100x426